Monday, April 9, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

Stephen J. Green of The Twisted Quill was kind enough to bestow upon my flash fiction blog, Liminal Fiction, The Versatile Blogger Award, for which I'm quite grateful.  It's my understanding that I must now choose fifteen other bloggers I feel are deserving of the same award, which would be the easiest of tasks had Stephen and one of his other recipients, Helen A. Howell of Helen Scribbles' fame, not already chosen so many of my favorite digital writers for their own lists (Stephen and Helen would've certainly made my cut as well).  Between Stephen and Helen, they've already given the trophy to John Wiswell, Icy Sedgwick, Tim VanSant, Justin Davies, Marc Nash, Peter Newman, Sonia Lal, and Tony Noland, among others of whom I'm a fan.

The above having been written, I do have five winners to add, as follows:

Karen Wojcik Berner for Bibliophilic Blather

Deanna Schrayer for The Other Side of Deanna

Anthony Venutolo for Bukowski's Basement

J.M. Strother (creator of the #FridayFlash hashtag) for Mad Utopia

T.S. Bazelli for Ink Stained

Thanks to you all for writing stuff I love to read, and for being a constant source of inspiration and encouragement. 


  1. I sympathize. I don't know who to nominate, either.

  2. Thanks Richard, you would have been on my list had Stephen not got to you first^_^

    Sonia how about some of the A-Z challenge Colleagues?. ^_^

  3. Thanks so much, Richard... I'm in great company!

  4. Hi Richard, so this is where you hang out when you're not over at Liminal Fiction?

    Well done with your list, it's a much harder task than one would think, isn't it?

  5. Thank you Richard :) Now hmm, my reading list covers a lot of the same people. This will be a challenge!

  6. Thanks so much Richard! I'm so sorry for the late response (I've been away for the past week), but I greatly appreciate you believing me to be a versatile blogger, especially among such wonderful company.

  7. Thanks for the comments, everyone. I enjoyed passing on the reward and have much love and respect for all of your blogs.