Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Kreativ Blogger Award

Thanks to Helen A. Howell for bestowing The Kreativ Blogger Award upon my flash fiction blog, Liminal Fiction.  In accordance with the rules of receiving this honor, for which I'm quite grateful, here are ten little facts about me, followed by five new award recipients of my choosing:

1) I love to eat chicken wings.  Any American city where I’ve spent any significant amount of time, I ask around about what restaurant or pub makes the best wings, and I try out a few places.  My favorites are in Charlottesville, VA at St. Maarten Café, where some years ago I spent every Tuesday evening for their ‘double wing night’ for a year straight.  I was crushed when I learned recently that Maarten’s (as we called it) closed, but then was very happy when it reopened under the ownership of its longtime managers shortly thereafter.  It’s comforting to know that it’s there whenever I pass through that gem of a town.

2) I’ve lived for varying lengths of time in Los Angeles, Ann Arbor, Athens (OH), Charlottesville, and New York City in addition to Philadelphia, where I’ve spent most of my life.

3) I’ve visited various cities in England, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Chile, China, and UAE.

4) I’ve been playing soccer (football, of course, everywhere outside my dear USA) since I was five years old and still play on a team with a great bunch of guys who are all younger than me here in Philly.

5) I love playing poker and writing about poker.

6) I’ve just begun a fourth round of edits / rewrites on a sixty thousand word novel that I really want to stop editing and rewriting, but won’t let myself until I truly feel it’s my best work.  I started writing the first draft in February 2007.  A lot of the story revolves around poker in relation to micro capitalism.

7) I enjoy many different styles of music, including jazz, funk, reggae, hip hop (mostly of the Roots / Black Star / Common okay player + late ‘80s and early ‘90s commercial varieties), and rock from Dylan and Waits and Cash to today’s Raconteurs and Black Keys to name just a few.

8) Politically I try my absolute hardest to be as objective as possible.  I was an Independent for years but recently became a Democrat only because the Democratic primary is the mayoral election in Philadelphia, and you cannot vote in a PA primary if you’re not a member of that party.  To spell out the obvious implication of the previous sentence, a Republican will never defeat a Democrat in the general election for Mayor of Philadelphia, so the only say we voters have comes by voting in the always victorious party’s primary.  If Independents could vote in primaries in PA, I’d still be one.

9) We just have two cats in my household, but I also love dogs and am an animal lover in general.  Friends of mine in Philly have an obese pet bunny rabbit who they let roam free in the basement of their city row home, he seems to have a nice life down there.

10) Family is everything to me.  My wife and daughter are the loves of my life.

Per above, here are five bloggers to whom I'll pass it in turn:

Anthony Venutolo for Bukowski's Basement

Tim VanSant for otoh

Lisa Vooght

Justin Davies for The Flying Scribbler

Peter Newman for Run Pete, Write!


  1. I enjoyed reading your 10 facts Richard - now I feel I know you just a little better.

  2. Congratulations on the award Richard. An interesting list too, you certainly are a well-travelled person.

    Looking at your No1 on the list, it's good to know I'm not the only one to admit a leaning towards certain fast food, only mine was fish and chips. :)

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  4. Sorry, i was signed in on Stu's account :-)
    Hi and thanks Richard! :-) I adore all sorts of fast food - especially wings. I'm honored that you included me in this illustrious group. Right now I have probs with inflammation in both hands so I'm limiting blogging/writing typing. But I'll let you know when I'm back on board and pass the award (I have some other overdue ones as well). Again, thank you!