Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dinners by Urban Farmer and Chef Jack Goldenberg

Recently I had the immense pleasure of a five course meal at the home of Urban Farmer and Chef extraordinaire, Jack Goldenberg. Having heard about Jack's pop-up dinner parties from my friend and fellow blogger, Lee Porter, my expectations were high, and I'm happy to say that Jack exceeded them by a moon shot. The most deliciously prepared cauliflower I've ever eaten, an out-of-this-world smoked white fish of which I wish I could recall the name (I had a bit of a buzz going throughout the evening, to say the least), and a soup pairing another perfectly prepared fish with pork belly are just a few of the highlights that come straight to mind and make me want to invite myself back over to Jack's place asap.

Since I'm not a food blogger and didn't take any photos of the food and, for reasons stated above, my memories of the delectable meal are a bit cloudy, here's a link to Lee's Q&A blog post about Jack's farming and culinary talents: 

I'd highly recommend following Jack on twitter or 'liking' his facebook page so you can hear about his future pop-up dinners before the guest lists fill up.

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